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Sports Physical Examinations

In the state of Colorado, sports physical exams are required for students to participate in sports. They may also be required for children to participate in non-student facilitated sports such as club leagues or recreational sports.

Most youth sports require sports physicals to be completed before the first practice of the season. Don’t let your child miss the first team sporting event of the season, schedule their sports physical today.

Sports physical exams are fully covered by most insurance providers. Please give us a call to find out if your child’s sports physical exam is covered by your insurance provider.

Call us today at (303) 665-8444 or make an appointment online through our easy to use scheduling portal, to setup your childs sports physical.

Why does my child need a sports physical exam?

Sports physicals, also known is “pre-participation physical examination (PPE)”, are necessary to determine whether it is safe for your child to participate in a certain sport. Even if a sports physical exam is not required for your child or teens specific sporting league, our doctors still highly recommend getting one. 

These sports physical exams are mandatory for most leagues because they can raise awareness to any issues such as uncontrolled asthma which would interfere with your child’s ability to participate in a certain sport. Sports physical exams also offer a perfect opportunity to talk to a healthcare professional about ways that your child may be prone to injury, and recommend tips and exercises to avoid potential future problems.

What happens during a sports physical?

A sports physical examination at South Pointe Healthcare is very similar to an annual exam, but with an added focus on items that relate directly to playing sports. The means that evaluations will be done on your child’s heart, bones, lungs, and joints. 

Common evaluations done during a sports physical by your provider include:

  • Measurement of weight and height
  • Vision test
  • Measurement of pulse and blood pressure
  • Check lungs, heart, stomach, ears, nose, and throat
  • Examine joints, strength, flexibility, and posture

Information to bring to the visit

Depending on the sports league, they may have specific paperwork that needs to be filled out and signed by your provider. We will also happily provide proof of visit if your child’s sports league does not require any specific paperwork.

You need to be prepared to talk about your child’s general medical history including:

  • List of immunization shots and dates
  • Allergies and reactions
  • Any medications taken
  • Past injuries including broken bones, concussions, and dislocations
  • Surgeries or hospitalizations
  • Chronic illness in family history