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Schedule a Telehealth appointment today to go over any health issue, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Telehealth Appointment

Sore throat? Sleep issues? Aches and pains? 

Scheduling a Telehealth appointment is an excellent way to see your provider about any health issue, from the comfort of your own home. We are also able to conduct limited physical rehab appointments via Telehealth for evaluating functional movements and going over home exercise programs with Dr. Dean Wright (DC).

We understand that everyone has a busy life, and may not be able to set aside time to drive over to our office and see a provider in person, thankfully Telehealth makes it easier than ever to connect with your provider.

Ready to start taking control of your health? Call us today at (303) 665-8444 or make an appointment online through our easy to use scheduling portal, to setup your Telehealth appointment.

What should I expect during my Telehealth appointment?

At South Pointe Healthcare, Telehealth appointments are a smooth and painless process. These appointments are generally booked for a 20 minute time slot, which is more than enough time to address all of your current concerns and questions.

Telehealth appointment process

  1. Once you schedule a Telehealth appointment, an email is sent to them containing all of the details.
  2. Click on the link included in the email to access the Telehealth video platform.
  3. Our platform allows you to pay your copay (if you have one) either before or after the appointment.
  4. Depending on the the issues that you bring up during the appointment, a follow up in person appointment may be deemed necessary


*If your Telehealth appointment is illness related, any follow up appointments will also be conducted on Telehealth due to COVID-19 related concerns. 

Tips for Telehealth appointment success

Write down your symptoms

If you are experiencing symptoms of sickness, it is important to provide as much information as possible so that your provider can make the best recommendations for treatment. It is much easier to recall all of your symptoms if you make a list including each symptom, and how long each one has been persisting. 

For example, if you are experiencing a fever, be ready to tell your doctor how long you have had a fever, your current average temperature, and if you have been taking any medication at home to combat the symptoms.

If your visit concerns any physical symptoms such as rash, sores, or raised bumps – please take a picture before hand, as our platform allows you to upload images for your doctor to look over.

Take notes of talking points, and provider recommendations

It is easy to forget items that you want to talk with your provider about, even for a normal non Telehealth appointment. We recommend that before your Telehealth appointment, that you write down any symptoms or concerns that you wish to address with your provider.

It is also helpful to have a writing utensil handy incase you would like to make notes of your doctors responses and recommendations so that you implement them properly.

Find a quiet & relaxing spot

We value your time just as much as you value ours! We do not want your appointment interrupted by noisy room mates, pets or children, for this reason we recommend that you find a quiet and relaxing spot where you will not be interrupted during your Telehealth appointment.

Also, please turn off background noise such as TV or music, so that you can be focused on providing quality information to your doctor, and absorbing all of the information that we have to offer. 

Prepare your device in advance

All Telehealth appointments require internet enabled technology such as a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet in order to connect to your provider.

Make sure that you are bale to properly access required software before your scheduled Telehealth appointment time, so it does not take away from valuable time consulting with your provider. It is also important to have enough battery life and stable enough internet connection so that you can communicate with your provider adequately. 

The instructions for how to download software are included in the confirmation email that you receive after scheduling your Telehealth appointment.