“Amazing, attentive group. Good vibe all the way around. I had blood-work done at this location, and the staff was great! I hate needles, but they sure helped me get over my fear and took care of me! I also get my massages here, and both the therapists are great! Would definitely recommend this place!” – Bernard Q.

“Absolutely Amazing!!! Devon and all of the staff are top notch and literally the best medical experiences that I have had. They have accomplished more in two appts than my previous dr. Had in two years.” -Ben E.

“Dr. Kuchar has helped me recover from a decade of injuries and back problems. With his direction I have reversed the effects of a bulged disc in my lower back, a broken fibula, and a shoulder injury that I never got proper help rehabbing. Anyone with a joint or muscle problem should see Dr. Kuchar. It is so much better than rehabbing with a therapist because you are seeing a Doctor that understands how muscles and nerves effect the tissue around them. See him before you consider surgery!” – Conrad H.

“This place was awesome! Normally I hate hospitals and doctors and all that stuff, but everyone at the clinic was so nice! They really helped make me feel comfortable and cared for.”

“I have had a very good experience with John Hundley. He has really helped investigate the root causes of some of my ailments that only a dedicated and very well educated professional would be able to diagnose. He is always friendly and offers tons of great suggestions. Megan, a Medical Assistant is amazing, too.” -Brittany K.

“Ashley was awesome. She made me feel very comfortable for seeing a new practice and was very comforting with my situation and assuring.”– Jamie

“Dr. Kuchar is wonderful! Not only does he help what’s hurting, but he is very knowledgeable and teaches as he works on me. I highly recommend him. Additionally, the staff at South Pointe are all so friendly and welcoming.” – Catherine L.

“In meeting with Dr. Kuchar, I immediately recognized his dedication to my plan for rehabilitating my knee from an old ski injury. The plan in place for my physical rehab is easy to understand and I am able to do the work at home to increase my strength. The care and concern I was shown beginning with the first appointment inspired me to want to be fit. Most of all I have learned from Dr. Kuchar many tips to incorporate into my day that allow for better alignment and muscle use.” – Wis H.

“Dr. Moon your incredible! Dr. Moon and Stephanie and your staff is just amazing thank you for giving me hope and a team to get me back to me with you guys I will not give up!” -JW

“I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! If there’s something going wrong with you, go here! – Travis H.