Primary Care Physician

Our primary care specialties range from Telehealth and annual physicals to Blood Screening and Myer’s IV Therapy – and everything in between! 

Primary Care Physician​

Our primary care specialties range from Telehealth and annual physicals to Blood Screening and Myer’s IV Therapy – and everything in between! 

Primary Care Specialties

100% accurate laboratory testing

Safeguard your hearts health with EKG testing

We offer reliable pre-employment drug screening

We provide testing and medical care

chronic disease management lafayette colorado

Diagnosis and management of chronic conditions

Mental health screenings

Acute Care

Everything from the flu to sports injuries

Rejuvenate and re-energize with this famous IV therapy

What is a Primary Care Physician?

In medicine a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is responsible for providing the first point of contact when entering the healthcare system for individuals with an undiagnosed health issue. Primary Care Physicians also provide continued care for a variety of medical concerns regardless of the diagnosis, origin, or medical system.

While the term “General Practitioner” is often used interchangeably with PCP,  they are not the same. PCP’s have significantly more training and are specialized to a specific area of primary care.

Types of Primary Care Physicians

Primary care doctors are specifically trained to provide specialized care within a specific area of medicine. There are five main distinctions of primary care providers: pediatricians, family medicine doctors, internal medicine doctors, OB-GYNs (obstetrics and gynecology), nurse practitioners, and internal medicine – pediatric doctors.

Regardless of the specialty that a primary care doctor has, they are all highly trained in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of health conditions and concerns.

Internal Medicine Doctors

This type of primary care doctor specializes in care for adults and are sometimes referred to as “internists”. They can treat conditions of all complexes from early adulthood through old age. Internists often have vast experience treating conditions that appear in adulthood such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions. 


Pediatrics has a narrow focus on caring for children starting at birth and ranging through early adulthood. A pediatrician may be the right choice for your child because in addition to being experts on a wide range of medical conditions, they are trained in major developmental milestones which can be key in making sure that your child is in good health and prepared for the future. 

It can also be a major advantage if your child is shy or scared of the doctor’s office, as many young children are. Pediatricians are usually excellent at talking to children and helping them feel comfortable in this often-daunting environment. 


This type of primary care doctor is an abbreviation for “obstetrics and gynecology”, and is an expert in women’s health and the female reproductive system. They often provide routine women’s health services such as preventative care screenings including pap smear tests, STI testing, and pelvic examinations. 

Although they are a type of primary care doctor, most patients see OB-GYNs for specialized issues such as birth control options, pregnancy, and menopause. They are rarely seen by their patients as their main primary care physician.

When you have questions about overall health concerns, sick care, or need to get your annual physical examination an OB-GYN should not be your first choice.

Family Medicine Doctors

Primary care doctors that are experts in family medicine are often a preferred choice because they can treat your entire family from babies and children to grandparents and parents. This also provides an excellent opportunity to build a strong lasting relationship with your provider which will result top quality personalized care. 

How To Find A PCP

When searching for a new PCP, the most important aspect should be finding out the qualities of healthcare that matter to you and finding a PCP who matches those.  

  • Health Insurance: Finding a provider who takes your health insurance and is “in network” is one of the most important factors. Quality healthcare needs to be affordable.

  • Proximity: How far are you willing to travel for appointments? It may be limiting to only be searching in a few mile radius from your home, expanding your search further out will help you have access to more choices. More choices means that you can truly pick a provider that is right for you.

  • Staff: Unfortunately, even if you love your new primary care doctor, the wrong staff surrounding them can turn into a bad experience. Consider front desk staff and physician assistants – are the friendly, attentive, and easy to contact?

  • Scheduling: How difficult is it to get an appointment? If you find yourself having to wait weeks to get in to see your primary care doctor, it may be time for a change! Your health concerns are important, finding primary care practices that allow you to schedule appointments in a reasonable time is key.

  • Reputation: With increased internet access it is easier than ever to find additional information to see what type of experience others before you have had. It may be helpful to check trusted sources for reviews, such as the practices Google My Business Listing, ZocDoc, and Healthgrades profiles.

  • Approach: If you have a chronic condition would you rather see a family physician that has a “wait and see” approach or will take immediate action to make sure that your condition is treated as effectively as possible?

  • Casual vs. Formal: Depending on the primary care practices you are scoping out, the “vibe” can be very different. Do you prefer formal or friendly and open?

  • Extra Specialties: If you are interested in seeing other specialists under the same roof, it is important to find primary care providers that offer doctors with other special training. At South Pointe Healthcare, we offer mental health, physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and nutritional advice all under the same roof. When seeing our primary care specialist, you may be referred to other types of doctors in our office that better suit your specific needs.

I Need A Primary Care Physician

South Pointe Healthcare offers a unique integrated clinic where our primary care works closely with our in house chiropractors, mental health clinician, massage therapists, and physical rehabilitation team to bring our patients the best care possible. 

If you are located near Lafayette, CO and are looking to take charge of your health, please give us a call at (303) 665-8444 to take the first step and schedule an appointment.


Primary care has a wide array of purposes such as: preventative care, health maintenance, patient education, counseling, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses both acute and chronic. A primary care physician is often in close collaboration with other healthcare professionals to make sure that all their patients receive the best care possible. Some of the health care services that we offer include:

  • Annual Physical Exams
  • Telehealth
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Diagnosis
  • Pap Smear Testing
  • Blood Screening
  • EKG Testing
  • STD & STI Diagnosis / Treatment
  • Acute & Sick Care
  • Drug Testing
  • Myer’s IV Therapy

In addition to these primary care services, our primary care physician works together with our other specialists to create comprehensive care plans that may include chiropractic, massage therapy, nutritional plans, and mental health counseling.

Yes! It is important to have a first line of defense against any health conditions. Scheduling regular checkups with your primary care physician is an excellent form of preventative care than can protect you from issues such as: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and other chronic conditions. 

The top reasons to have a primary care specialist include:

  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Higher Level of Comfort
  • Identify Health Issues
  • Avoid ER Visits
  • Referrals to Other Providers

Learn more about the data behind these reasons in our blog post.